Ray Bogman of Magento Shares His Success Story
Ray Bogman of Magento

Ray Bogman – Magento Senior Business Solutions Architect at Adobe

I am Ray Bogman, Magento Senior Business Solutions Architect at Adobe, live in Amstelveen with my family, next to Amsterdam. Born and raised in Geleen, the south of the Netherlands. Always liked the outdoors while doing sports.

Ray Bogman Sharing His Success Story

Started my hobby with computers in the early 90’. MXS, Commodore are the game pc’s I grew up with before I bought my first PC, IBM incl. MS-DOS 6.2. I had 3 floppies and installed MS-DOS more than a hundred times I guess, learn by doing. And ever since both hardware and software intrigued me.

The Journey Began

I started my professional career in 1996, my internship at the Marriott Orlando World Center. I had the best time ever. In 1997 I went back to Amsterdam and spent some time in the Hospitality business until the end of 1999.

Starting in 2000 I joined the IT crowd and built my way up from zero. Back then the only background I had was my passion for computers and lots of hobby time behind the pc.

Early 2001 I started coding an HTML webshop in Frontpage. My first shop was a US shop where Dutch folks living in the USA could buy Dutch goods like “Stroopwafels” and other lickerish dutch candy. Later that year I joined the Mambo community and started programming in PHP while building some small CMS sites for friends and family. Where Mambo became Joomla! And Drupal became popular as well. I spent lots of time hacking around and building a business for myself, the early days of entrepreneurship.

Magento Become Part of my Life

After many sites and shops built-in Joomla! with VirtueMart, I came across Magento in early 2008 (beta). This was the first product that had it all. Finally, a product to rule them all. It was like heaven.

At the start I faced a lot of challenges, the list is too long. I have seen so many Magento sites over the years. Trained more than 1000+ people in the “Art of Magento”. Fix a thousand (hacked) sites and so much more. The most fun (not really) was reverse engineering a Magento 1.4 on new hosting but running old PHP 5.3 and MySQL version.

The oddest was live (kernel) patching a very large Magento 1.6 site. This fashion brand hosted in Germany never rebooted in 3+ years while all disks were 100% full. A reboot would break the cluster and would never come online. This happened 1 week before Black Friday. Against every rule, in the book, I managed to patch the system, clear disk space, and make it bootable again without harming production. No guts no glory I guess 😉

My Workspace

ray bogman workspace

Ray Bogman Workplace

My Advice

If you want to start your business: Check your requirements, get your knowledge/training, and/or build a team of certified members and enjoy the ride.

If you want to pursue Magento as your career:: Take the time to learn. As many “old” men say, “wax on wax off” ;-). Build your knowledge while reading, developing, and learning from others. Join webinars, (online) meetings, books, DevDocs, and many more…

Mastering Magento doesn’t happen overnight, you need at least 1000 hours on the clock. But don’t worry you are not alone, many out there are happy to help and support your journey to becoming a Master as well (daniel-son).


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    Importance of Magento Certifications

    Getting certified should not be the goal in the first place, it’s the journey. Learning and enjoying it every time brings more value than a single cert. True passing is important too. But showing what you have learned in real life is more important than getting a stamp.

    I have seen many developers passing but are lacking good programming skills on the job. So make sure you when committing to a program to get a mentor or coach who can help and guide you to become a real professional.

    There are many certifications out there, depending on your needs and most of all interest look into what makes sense. Set the bar at the correct level, and learn by doing. Hands-on practices are most important. Take the time. One or two years is normal.

    I have broadened my knowledge last year with a Product Owner, Scrum Master, and AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate. I enjoyed the true focus while educating myself to a new level.

    Magento & Beyond

    As long as I stay curious about new technologies I don’t see an issue with growth 😉

    And yes, there are many plans for the growth of Magento, but unfortunately, I am not at liberty to share them while working at Adobe. But one thing is sure, I am most excited about this 😉

    Five years is a long road ahead of us. But Magento will be a part of something bigger and more beautiful than we ever imagined.

    Adobe (Magento) is a true market leader. There always will be competitors, which is good. Every market needs a best-in-class solution. And Magento will still be out there to fulfill that for many customers.

    So, if I conclude Magento then it will be Awesome, legendary, remarkable!

    My Love for the Magento Community

    I have visited so many great Magento events over the years and met so many great people. The Magento Community is the best thing that happened to me and I miss it a lot. Can’t wait to get back to normal. Thanks to those events it’s very easy to reach out online and ask a simple question.

    In the Magento community, I have met many great people, one big happy family. I would like to give them a message “I miss you all, hope we will meet soon, it has been way too long”

    I Have a Life Other Than the Work

    Nowadays, in my free time I do Running, (downhill) Mountain biking, Playing the Drums, movies, music. And when we are back to normal, meet friends, travel, concerts and some much more…

    I prefer to spend my holidays with Family, friends, reading, learning, sports…..

    I do love travelling but my favorite travel destination depends on the season. In winter I like the mountains to snowboard and in the Summer I like the mountains too ;-). So it looks everywhere where they have mountains.

    I Reward Myself by 

    Being grateful to be healthy and gathered around with great family members and friends.

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