Gaurav Jain of MageComp Sharing His Success Story
Gaurav Jain of MageComp

Gaurav Jain – Co-Founder at MageComp

Myself Gaurav Jain, Co-Founder at MageComp, Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce Business Practitioner. I live in Ahmedabad Gujarat. Being Computer Engineer👨‍💻 and possessing Extensive Marketing skills I handle all kinds of customer Queries and my Happy 😀 & Helping 🙏 Nature makes customer’s day Delightful.

When I am not working, you’ll find me Reading Books 📖 or Traveling 🚗 somewhere unexplored places. Also, I am a Speaker at Magento Meetups.

The Journey Began

I was working on Internet Security and Ethical Hacking. Then I got an opportunity for a Marketing Manager in one of the Magento based companies and from their My Magento journey got started.

It was the time of 2012 when I found this Job in a company who were working on the Magento platform. The Opportunity was good so I accepted but I didn’t have much knowledge about the platform and its future.

The Need for MageComp

MageComp Logo

MageComp Logo

There was very less competition honestly when we dive and thought to start the company named MageComp. The Quality, Unique ideas & solutions in Magento were lacking. We came up with the idea of extensions store in 2014 with some unique and must have Magento 2 extensions.

As all businesses face some ups and down, we also faced a lot of challenges throughout our career till now. We started the office at Home initially for about 6-8 months at least. Then we rented our first office in March 2015 around and More positive vibes started. We hired our first employee in that office only. I believe we were having not more than 5 employees till the end of 2015.

There were challenges from technical aspects such as hiring skilled employees and the most important finding work for them.

Worst Experience we were having in 2017 when we actually moved to a bigger office and unfortunately those 6 months were very struggling for us. Employees were leaving us and business was going very down. Due to the strength we had to come back to the previous office from where we have got good growth.

I am proud that we have now 3 offices but one of them we still have the same office that gave us actual growth.

Myself with my Brilliant Team

Team MageComp

Team MageComp

Advice for Business Owners

I would suggest doing proper research nowadays, find the loopholes in the industry and come up with some unique ideas. Following someone in this industry will keep you ordinary always.

I can’t suggest a particular niche because it all depends on what solution you are bringing for the community, it could be any one of the above.


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    Magento & Beyond

    Our Main Business, intention and Expertise is always with Magento. But to grow further we are also opening our wings for Shopify, WooCommerce and mobile apps.

    Magento has been growing since its launch in 2008. I have always seen its growth, yes there were some ups and down as always but it keeps steady growth to stay with. Important thing is to keep it aligned with New technologies. Magento never stays back in that. Latest PWA we were discussing from the last 2-3 years, Magento adopted it and there were so many projects that are live with PWA. As Magento is owned by Adobe now, in the next 5 years, you won’t find any alternative in terms of features in all eCommerce platforms.

    No, and never will be. Magento doesn’t have competitors in my opinion, there are just other options. Competition usually happens when two platforms have similar functionalities, I don’t think any eCommerce platform out there in the market are having the functionality and flexibility which Magento provides.

    For me, Magento is a complete eCommerce solution for the small, medium or Enterprise clients.

    My Love for the Magento Community

    Yes, I always attend our local Magento events. There are some monthly Magento Meetups, and once in a year we have Meet Magento India. I am happy to say that MageComp usually do sponsorship too. It’s really very helpful for the community in terms of learning something new, to know the future plans of Magento, to meet various people from the same community.

    My Message will be for the community is, Keep learning and Keep contributing. Because at the end, the Community version of Magento is driven by actual Community only like you and me.

    I have so many friends in Magento community but the close ones are

    How I Keep Myself Updated

    I usually keep following dev docs and contributing to it. I follow dev blogs published in Magento community forum. We usually do research and learn lot of new things, we post on our blog

    I Have a Life Other Than the Work

    I keep my mind busy finding new solutions for the Magento community. You can find me travelling or reading books when I am free.

    I usually travel all over India during the holidays. I love to explore new places, new adventures, new hikings.

    I believe in religion, so I usually visit some religious places too. My favorite travel destination Darjeeling, India

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