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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy reaffirms our commitment to the privacy and security of your data. While all efforts have been made to keep things simple, we strongly urge all visitors to contact us for clarification.

This policy covers the following areas:

  • What data do we collect
  • Why do we collect your data
  • Sources of data collection\
  • Affiliate links
  • Your right to be forgotten

What Data Do We Collect?

Following two types of information we collect through our visitors:

First is for our Marketing:

  • Email address (Every form you fill where the email address is required)
  • Interests (via Facebook Pixel)

Second for Tracking:

  • IP address (via Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel)
  • Location (via Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel)

Why Do We Collect Your Data?

We collect data to send you righteous content as per your interest such as educational content, promotions, offers, and giveaways through our newsletter.

Besides, your data is collected for retargeting purposes as well and we also look after the latest trends through our traffic.

Sources We Use

We collect visitors’ data from the following sources:

  • Every form you fill
  • Cookies
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Pages
  • Push Notification
  • Facebook Pixel

Affiliate Links

Some of the articles on MageFounders may include affiliate links. The links are used only to track visitors if they are routed to a website through that affiliate link. If the linked page asks for any information from a visitor, MageFounders wouldn’t be accountable.

Right to be Forgotten

If you wish to have your data permanently removed from our records, feel free to write an email to muneeb[at]

* We reserve the right to change, alter and update our policies.

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